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Mrs. Hedeshian was all you could hope for in a designer! She takes on the project and puts in heart and soul. Accomplishing the results and vision you agreed upon is her only focus. The time and effort she puts into her work cannot be compensated fully. This is a labor of love!!
Our restaurant’s vision started with a picture of some colorful tiles and we ended up, through Mrs. Hedeshian’s vision, with an atmosphere and a class second to none in the area. We are so pleased with the results. I will use Designer’s Touch in any and every project I do from now on, from home to office, to restaurant you will be amazed at her work!!

Zack & Vaia S.

Mariette is a one of a kind designer, artist, and most importantly person. We bought a home in Westport that we we were completely overwhelmed with the renovation process. Mariette’s attention to detail, professionalism, and personal care made the process enjoyable and exciting. Every inch of the home looks like a professional magazine! If you are looking and researching for a designer you should stop now and work with Mariette;   

I promise you will be thrilled with her work.

Greg & Jenny C.

My husband and I are absolutely delighted with Mariette's work! There is so much to say...all superlatives...but I will attempt to provide a summary that may be helpful to those trying to decide on whether to hire Mariette of Designer's Touch.

I completely and unequivocally recommend Mariette for her expertise, her professionalism, her keen eye for design, color, proportion, and the depth and breadth of her knowledge about design and interior architecture.

I was initially overwhelmed with the number of choices we had to make for our extensive renovation and am convinced if I had done it alone, we would have ended up with a hodge lodge of design ideas that would have been much more expensive and much less coherent than with Mariette's help. We ended up with a gorgeous home that feels luxurious and comfortable.

i might add that working with Mariette is fun! She is a lovely woman with a delightful sense of humor who is respectful of my wishes and can gently insert her own ideas. I will miss seeing Mariette now that our work is almost over.

I recently referred a friend to work with Mariette who also sings her praises and told me many times how Mariette has "saved my life!"

Bob & Pamela E.

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