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Mariette Hedeshian

Mariette Hedeshian is a professionally trained interior designer with degrees in Interior Design and Interior Architecture who brings nearly two decades of experience to the table. She began her career working for large design firms, which provided her the opportunity to hone her skills on several high-profile projects internationally, with many of her designs featured in trade magazines across the world. From these experiences her distinctive approach to design was born.


After starting her family, Mariette decided to strike out on her own with Designer’s Touch. While many designers have a specific style or palette that they aspire to, Mariette prefers to focus on bringing her clients’ vision to life. She transforms their homes and office spaces to fit their style while incorporating her own unique touch inspired by her extensive travels and experiences both in the United States and Europe. 


Mariette strives to create a design that is organic to the space while integrating various design concepts, colors, and textures. She delivers a customized experience for her clients, with each and every detail accounted for. It is this collaborative relationship that allows Mariette to craft her clients’ dream design.



About Designer’s Touch


Designer’s Touch is a full-service design studio that specializes in both commercial and residential spaces. Founded in 2015 by Mariette Hedeshian, the studio is committed to bringing each client’s vision to life.


If you would like to learn more about how Designer's Touch can make your own distinctive vision a reality, call today to book a consultation.

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